A Soldier’s Story

While this story comes from Denver, Colorado in the USA, we feel it has implications for people here in Australia. Ex-service men and women in particular may wish to further explore medicinal cannabis use once it is allowed in Australia.

We stress that, as in the story below, people should consult their GPs or medical professionals before combining any supplements with their current medications.

PharmaBlends does not condone the illicit use of any substance. However, we do anticipate the day when Australians are legally able to explore whether or not medical marijuana is right for them, and we will continue to post articles and links to help people make informed decisions.

A Soldier’s Story
One veteran’s Testimonial

For years John Conroy (not his real name) had struggled with a range of issues that began seriously affecting his life after he returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.

After leaving the service with an honourable discharge, John began experiencing long bouts of insomnia, anxiety attacks, heart palpations and upset digestion. His family, friends and former girlfriend were unable to understand and help him, and, increasingly, he began to distance himself from them.

He also began self-medicating in an attempt to escape his demons, but the alcohol, pills and marijuana only provided short-term relief and soon began to exacerbate his problems.

“I was at the end of my rope. I tried talking to doctors, counsellors and even a priest. A doctor prescribed Xanax and other medication, but I continued to drink and became a mess. I started to attend AA and a veterans group, but I was trapped in a downhill spin I couldn’t seem to break out of. I was actually drinking before and after my AA meetings.

“It got so bad I even thought of suicide,” John recalls.

It was though a chance encounter with a Vietnam vet at one of his meetings that John finally found relief.

“My life turned around. I went from hopeless to hopeful in a couple of weeks. My health came back, I stopped drinking and taking pills, and a month later I was working full time and a month after that in a relationship and with money in the bank. I saw my family at Easter, and they said they couldn’t believe the change.”

What does John credit this transformation with?

Cannabis. One of the very things in the mix that was messing up his life and relationships is now, he says, contributing to his health and wellbeing.

It all started when Frank, the Vietnam vet told him about a daily regimen he was on that involved the daily use of medical marijuana.

“When Frank mentioned pot as a medicine, I was surprised. I had been smoking for years, and while it sometimes calmed me down, it could also make me paranoid and confused. I never knew exactly what was going to happen after the first few hits.

“But I was desperate, and Frank seemed to have it together, so I thought what the hell.”

Frank introduced him to a medical marijuana practitioner with over 40 years experience in the medical uses of cannabis.

“I was sceptical at first, but this guy seemed to know what he was doing and his manner me at ease. He told me if I stayed with it for one week, during which he’d adjust the blend and dose, I’d see results. I didn’t think I had anything to lose at that point, so went for it.”

Conroy said the results were dramatic.

“I was a heavy drinker and doing all kinds of other stuff at that point, but by the end of that first week I was feeling much, much better. Finally. I was afraid I’d have a hard time giving the other stuff up, but after a few days I was sleeping better than I ever have, was having these great dreams, and waking up refreshed instead of hung-over for the first time in years.”

John said his daily routine consists of inhaling a small amount of a specific blend from a vapour pen in the morning and eating a small pellet with breakfast. Depending on the day he’s having, he may “top up” with the pen at lunch, but most days he’s fine until late afternoon.

“We’ve got different blends for just sitting home and watching TV, or if I’m going out, I’ll have something a little more energetic. I’ve got a blend for weekends or for doing different things.

“The point is, by sticking to the blend and dosages, my symptoms have eased off a lot, and I’m more productive and happier. Once I got off the merry go round of alcohol and chemicals and replaced it with steady, controlled use of the blend life became more manageable and actually enjoyable. Even my family doctor is impressed with the results, and I’m back to enjoying being alive.

“I’m not saying it’s a silver bullet, but it has been a godsend,” Conroy said.

The cannabis consultant said that said that after John’s success he’s now working with more veterans, as well as others looking for a more natural way to handle physical ailments and mental stress.

“I’ve seen housewives quit Xanax, or greatly reduce their use. I can work with a person’s doctor to make sure that the blends I prescribe work with whatever medication they’re currently using. It’s all about giving people more control over their lives, and using a pure, natural substance that’s been around for as long as mankind has,” he said.

“We’ve seen the dramatic and positive effect medical marijuana has on epilepsy, chronic pain and a whole range of other conditions. Doctors are just finally waking up to the benefits of cannabis, and more and more are actually embracing it as a non-invasive, effective natural medicine.

“While I don’t recommend anyone just stop taking the medication they are on, exploring cannabis is certainly worth considering, and we’re happy to work with a person’s doctor to put together a prescription and daily regimen that compliments, and may in time replace, what they’re doing now.

“I’m convinced that cannabis is going to increasingly play an important roles in general medicine,” he said.

John Conroy agrees.

“Who would have thought something so simple would work so well? I feel like myself again, and life has become a million times more enjoyable.

“I wish I’d discovered this years ago,” he said.