About PharmaBlends

The recent legislative changes in Australia that allow for the cultivation of medicinal marijuana is ushering in a new era of natural, plant based healing.

This, along with the development of a range of cannabis-based products and treatment regimes, has the potential to give thousands of Australian relief from a wide range of ailments, ranging from so-called minor complaints such as insomnia to life threatening illnesses. It also gives “caveat emptor”, or “buyer beware”, new relevance.

The legislation also, importantly, releases many thousands of Australians from breaking the law, freeing them from not only stigma and paranoia, but actual jail time, criminal records and other factors associated with the enforcement of unpopular and unworkable laws.

At the same time it will free policemen and women from having to spend time and resources that could be better put to going after actual criminals, making our police more effective while fostering healthier community relations.

So yes, here at PharmaBlends we do think that the new approach to marijuana legislation is a big deal, and will be posting current information with a range of articles, case studies and links to help people understand the implications – including the benefits and potential negatives – of more legally and socially acceptable cannabis use.

This is an exciting time for health care providers, patients, and those many people who find benefits in cannabis use, and we are committed to helping people make choices to ensure that this use is responsible, effective and enjoyable.

So keep visiting us. This is a new site that is designed to evolve and, hopefully, present a wide range of opinion, commentary and enquiries as Australia moves forward in incorporating the age-old use of an ancient plant into contemporary society. In this regard we look forward to hearing from people with different perspectives and views, and welcome your input.

The PharmaBlends Team