Medical Use of Cannabis

Information about medical uses for cannabis – MMJ

Medical Marijuana Predicted to Become “Instant $100 Million Industry”

This article, in various forms, has been making the rounds in throughout the mainstream media, in Australia and overseas. As we've seen happen in the USA and other countries, the driving force behind cannabis legalisation is not based on ethical or health considerations, but the money. As soon as huge ...
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U.S. National Cancer Institute Finds That Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

This article from last year was one of the first we'd seen on the US National Cancer Institute's early findings on Cannabis' ability to restrict and kill cancer cells. In the interests of developing the story and giving readers some chronology, we'll be updating this information to the latest findings. Stay ...
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NSW Cancer Council’s Position Statement on Medicinal Use of Cannabis

The NSW Cancer Council has released a position statement regarding cannabis.  You can find it here: or read below Medical Use of Cannabis (marijuana) Position Statement Glossary In December 2014, the NSW Government established the Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme that provides a mechanism for adults who are terminally ill ...
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As Medical Marijuana Legislation Changes in Australia, Let The Buyer Beware

The easing of restrictions against cannabis in some states is expected to create a growing market with a proliferation of cannabis-based products and the sort of competition we see in other areas. Sounds like good news for the cannabis consumer, right? But, as we’ve seen in the USA, and according ...
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A Soldier’s Story

While this story comes from Denver, Colorado in the USA, we feel it has implications for people here in Australia. Ex-service men and women in particular may wish to further explore medicinal cannabis use once it is allowed in Australia. We stress that, as in the story below, people should ...
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